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Visual Content on Social Media: How to Use It to Improve Engagement

Posted by:wimbmaster onMarch 26, 2018

Have we ever stopped and asked ourselves just why it is that can play such a critical role in the overall effectual working of social media as a whole? Why is it, after all, so enticing and more than anything, why is its visual appeal so crucial to the survival of any social media campaign? Since we, as humans, are more visually enticed individuals than anything else, the logic would ensue, right?

Tools That Can Help and Why You Might Consider Using Them

Don’t dismay. There’s always a great range of top-notch, data visualization tools that you can immediately add to your professional knowledge base and repertoire, amazing resources that will make all the difference in your traffic increase altogether. Let’s have a quick look at just what they are.

  • First, consider using one, several or all of the following infographics to increase your ‘eye candy attraction’ as some call it.
  • Visual images like charts and diagrams, memes, GIFS, data tables and elements of this nature.
  • More so, consider using great online tools like Be Funky, Infogram, Piktochart, Pic Monkey, Photo Visi, Social Image Resizer Tool, Recite, Quozio, and Pinstamatic.
  • And if you want great iOS or Android apps that can do the same, please try Word Swag, InstaQuote, PicSay Pro, YouCam Perfect and InstaCollage as well; these offer numerous inbuilt features that can even seamlessly connect to your phone’s social media networks.

Their main goal is to increase the visual appearance and attractiveness of an image while posting it to one’s social media page.For those who have no idea where to begin, or simply those who just need some help getting started, the direction and guidance offered by all these tools just mentioned is an idea and can give anyone a great starting point.

Keys to Success

Use Eye-Candy Linking to Your Blog!

Enough can’t be said on the matter, so we will try to be brief while stressing the point nonetheless. The visual content has to be eye-catching. For new viewers, it needs to pop off the page!

Add Some Humor in There.

Humor is never a bad thing, especially when perfectly timed and in moderation. Here, it’s no different. This will also help you leave one solid lasting impression. People tend to remember good jokes and funny cracks.

Try Templates of a Uniform Visual Design.

This is a very wise insight. Not only will following it increase the color appeal. But you will also show a sense of authority and uniformity as a more serious social media strategist — one who knows how to properly mix & display his or her own colors, no less.

Use Hashtags Wisely.

This cannot be over-stressed either. Once again, a healthy balance is key: Don’t use too many; don’t use too few. 3-4 per post is ideal.

Optimize Each Design for a Relevant Impact On Every Social Media Platform Used.

It’s important to optimize. Check regularly and make the implementations as needed. Put yourself in the mind of the consumer or viewer, for a brief moment, and ask yourself if you would find this attractive. This regular check-up is something many forget to do.

Final Thoughts

As human beings, we’re attracted to the visual. And with social media, the same applies. So try these numerous tools and tips to help you gain some visual momentum with all your new traffic. Attract!

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