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The importance of marketing analytics over web analytics

Posted by:wimbmaster onJune 15, 2017

Everyone understands the importance of analytics. But mostly analytics are understood to refer to only Google analytics or web analytics that provide invaluable data about the performance of a website. But is this data enough for marketers?

More than how a page is performing, marketers need to understand the performance of their campaigns and the behaviour of the audience that cannot be done using web analytics data such as number of visitors or growth of unique visitors, etc. What marketers really need apart from traffic related information provided by web analytics is the rich data provided by digital marketing analytics that can be used to measure the relevance and reach of their marketing campaigns on their own and against each other.

The difference – Stats that matter

Web analytics provide the figures that are important to track the performance of your website. Web analytics mainly give you information about your web presence but have nothing to do with the performance of your marketing strategies that can be measured using digital marketing analytics. Marketing analytics help you track the effectiveness of your marketing efforts; you can track the conversion rate of customers, monitor traffic and lead generation as well.

Focus on People

One of the biggest reasons why marketers need to pay more attention to marketing analytics over web analytics is the fact the marketing analytics are people centric. Marketing analytics provide you rich data that tells you how a user came to your website in the first place. How an individual responds to your email content and promotions? Does an individual read your blog? Did users find you through Facebook or Google?

Knowing the answers to these questions will prove invaluable in measuring the success of the marketing strategies implemented by you, aid in designing future strategies based on consumer behaviour and result in better lead generation and management for the business.

Track progress across multiple platforms

Marketing analytics let you track the performance of your marketing strategies across several platforms such as email campaigns, social media and more. For example, you can analyze the effect of one marketing strategy against others. You can analyze data to figure out whether your blog is leading to more conversions or more leads are being generated through email marketing or is it the content you published on Social Media that is driving the conversions. Understanding the interaction between users and different marketing strategies and comparing results from different marketing platforms against each other provides invaluable information for designing future strategies and optimizing marketing spend. Further, marketing analytics can provide data that ties in marketing activities to sales meaning you can analyze whether a marketing strategy is actually leading to sales or only useful as an engagement tool.

Analytics are important for every business but relying only on web analytics is a folly. To get the best results for your business, leverage marketing analytics for exclusive data to power your marketing efforts.

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