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Effective Instagram Marketing Tips for Your Brand?

Posted by:wimbmaster onMay 16, 2018

Businesses use different digital marketing campaigns to increase their customer bas. With over 800 million active users, Instagram offers one of the best social media marketing platforms for marketers to grow their brands. Many companies have embraced this opportunity to expose their brand to prospective customers.

Today, there are thousands of companies using Instagram to grow their brands. In order to thrive amidst this competition, you need to have proper tips to plan out your Instagram marketing campaign. Here are 5 effective Instagram marketing tips for your brand,

1. Interact with your audience

Sharing information about your company on Instagram is not enough. You need to interact with your audience to grow your brand name. Engaging your audience through responding to their comments allows you to understand your audience better. This also provides a chance for you to highlight the values of your company.

Prospective customers take time to interact with those businesses that interact with them. It is therefore essential to engage your audience to make them feel valued. Just like other social media marketing platforms, businesses can engage their Instagram users through sharing user content, mentioning users on their posts as well as engaging them through contests.

2. Tell visual stories that attract audiences

For you to be successful in Instagram marketing you need to be a good visual storyteller. This involves using videos, photos, collages, slideshows just to mention a few. Personalization of such stories will go a long way in building your brand name. For instance, you can use company videos and photos to tell the story of your company. Such visual stories will be interesting to your followers while at the same time conveying important company information.

The best visual Instagram stories should be able to tell a story and convey a relevant message to the audience. It should also be consistent, entertaining and authentic. This way you will be sure of attracting new followers and thereby growing your brand.

3. Be authentic

The secret to any digital marketing campaign is to be authentic. Posting unique content that is geared towards the products and services you provide makes your brand recognizable. It might be tempting to post staged promotional videos and photos, but this does more harm than good in building your brand.

People tend to remember authentic content and relate it to your company. To make your people remember your brand, try to make your content look polished, professional yet visually appealing. You should also make sure you post frequently. This way you will be able to showcase all aspects of your business.

4. Concentrate on essential metrics

For effective social media marketing, you have to reach your target audience. Essential metrics like comments and followers can help determine your audience. These can also show if your business is getting more exposure and whether you are reaching the right customers or not Comments also allow more user engagement which enables you to know what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong when it comes to your social media marketing. Not all metrics are however beneficial to your Instagram marketing campaign.

Some metrics such as clicks and likes are misleading since they do not give a clear picture of who is accessing your information. It could be that you are reaching for an audience that is not your intended target. It is therefore important to make sure you are doing things right by gauging your performance using relevant metrics.

5. Keep the human touch

People like things they can relate to So if you are going to attract more followers on Instagram, you need to stay human. Do not strive to post content that is perfect. Aim to be relatable! You could post content that is interesting but still stay professional. Post pics of your employees celebrating events like the best performing employees in your business, or customers giving testimonies about your services. People will enjoy such posts since they are relatable.

Also, such posts portray your company’s personality and culture. Real-time content such as video streaming can also help in adding a human touch. Engaging with your audience as a person rather than a business entity creates strong relationships with your customers. This helps in growing your brand hence attracting more customers.

Just like any other social media marketing campaign, Instagram marketing requires patience. All you have to do is follow the tips above and give it time. Before you know it your brand will start growing.

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