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Most Effective Ways to Maximize your Content Exposure on LinkedIn.

Posted by:Steve onJanuary 30, 2018

Ever since the LinkedIn was introduced plenty of individuals have benefited from it. However, it’s no mean task to reach out to job seekers as you have to possess some skills on the platform.

Well, this article highlights the Effective ways to maximize your Content Exposure on LinkedIn.

Interact on your company page

Do engage with your audience via your company or official page. This will broaden your target base with more employers and professionals. Furthermore, regular interaction- via questions, answers and comments-helps you initiate healthy bonds with your followers.

It’s also advisable to update links, articles, e-books, case studies and projects regularly. This will aid in selling your brand.

Make use of Slideshare

According to statistics, LinkedIn Slideshare is accessed by 70 million monthly users and 4 million new visitors daily. This large traffic is to reckon with as it gives you an ideal venue to spread your brand or personality. Interestingly, this clipping tool can be exploited to indicate important material and express your company’s culture.

Use LinkedIn Publisher

Here you’ll get options such as Lessons learned, Industry trends and Professional expertise and experiences. These suggestions guide users in the field of interest. Below is the list:

  • Company presentations
  • Infographics
  • Company videos
  • Use of short captions
  • Impressive visuals and record
  • Webinars and leadership content
  • Promote group membership by sharing your group info on channels
  • Champion for best practices in your industry.

Furthermore, LinkedIn also features a Pulse app (available for Android and iOS) that assists to showcase the trending content related to your profession.

Manipulate Sponsored update

Are you familiar with the sponsored update? Well, this is a tool that enables you to go beyond the professional online media. This means more audience for your brand. As part of the sponsored update, the direct sponsored content can be used to release content directly to the target group without necessarily picking from official company page.

Be Active in Groups

Creating social ties within the LinkedIn platform is encouraged as you get to speak out your mind. From these avenues, one also acquires more information and leadership skills. This tip cut across all parties, be it managers looking for employees or job hunters engaging with professionals, as they all must present the best persona on their pages.

Utilize Landing pages

It’s recommended that change your URL so to redirect page visitors to other related blog posts or articles. This reciprocates in more site visits.

Have a Unique Image

When it comes to online media, portraying a captivating persona via image is fundamental to attract more audience. Use of unique designs and logo increases the traffic on your profile. The preferable image size is 1200× 627p.

Given the 460 million-plus user surpassed by LinkedIn, it’s only the sharpest and creative users that get benefit most from the media. So try out these Effective ways to maximize your Content Exposure on LinkedIn and better your chances to.

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