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How to Optimize Your Facebook Business Page for SEO?

Posted by:wimbmaster

Despite this opportunity, many businesses have found it hard to optimize their Facebook pages to attract relevant and quality traffic. Facebook has improved its SEO to help page owners to reach a broader market. Following this SEO can help your business page grow and get more followers hence the growth of your business. Discussed below…

WIMB Gets Listed as One of the Top SEO Companies at GoodFirms

Posted by:wimbmaster

About WIMB – Where Is My Brand WIMB – Where Is My Brand is a New York based company providing digital marketing and search engine optimization services. Founded in 2016, this company specializes in brand management for businesses. At WIMB, they regard each brand as unique and so the marketing campaign is focussed specifically on…

Effective Instagram Marketing Tips for Your Brand?

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Businesses use different digital marketing campaigns to increase their customer bas. With over 800 million active users, Instagram offers one of the best social media marketing platforms for marketers to grow their brands. Many companies have embraced this opportunity to expose their brand to prospective customers. Today, there are thousands of companies using Instagram to…

Visual Content on Social Media: How to Use It to Improve Engagement

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Have we ever stopped and asked ourselves just why it is that can play such a critical role in the overall effectual working of social media as a whole? Why is it, after all, so enticing and more than anything, why is its visual appeal so crucial to the survival of any social media campaign?…

How the Rise of Voice Search Will Impact SEO Strategies?

Posted by:wimbmaster

The Rise of Voice Search 2018 is a special year for tech. innovation and growth, much more the merging of the two. SEO analysis, for one, has exploded in this decade and is only set to do so all the more this year, especially since it affects every part of voice search analyst marketing. Voice…

Most Effective Ways to Maximize your Content Exposure on LinkedIn.

Posted by:Steve

Ever since the LinkedIn was introduced plenty of individuals have benefited from it. However, it’s no mean task to reach out to job seekers as you have to possess some skills on the platform. Well, this article highlights the Effective ways to maximize your Content Exposure on LinkedIn. Interact on your company page Do engage…

Best Twitter Practices to Increase Engagement

Posted by:wimbmaster

For those interested in strengthening their?followership?on Twitter, it’s important to familiarize with the top techniques that boost the engagement rate. Below is a brief summary: Use Short and Precise Words It is advisable for users to type between 80 and 110 characters in their tweets despite the platform giving an allowance of up to 280…

Making Impressions Across the World with Clutch

Posted by:wimbmaster

Without a doubt, there are always challenges to face and innovative solutions to be developed. A multitude of digital agencies offer the services that we do, but it takes more than just offering them, it takes doing the work necessary to make a valued, lasting impact. Throughout our projects, we’ve grown into a company ready…

How to Create a Digital Marketing Strategy for 2017

Posted by:wimbmaster

Content marketing, analytics, search engine optimization, social media – there is so much happening in the digital world and without a proper strategy in place, you’d never know which technique works best for your business and will end up spending time and money in duplication and half-hearted results. Online visibility is important for businesses and…

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