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Best Twitter Practices to Increase Engagement

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For those interested in strengthening their?followership?on Twitter, it’s important to familiarize with the top techniques that boost the engagement rate. Below is a brief summary:

Use Short and Precise Words

It is advisable for users to type between 80 and 110 characters in their tweets despite the platform giving an allowance of up to 280 characters (up from the previous 140 characters). This?calls for?the need?to be wise with the?choice of?words?used in?the?tweets.

Position of the Links

Just picture this,?for every?second,?9,123?tweets are posted on the social media platform.?This?is a great deal for readers who?are?often?unable to?completely?go through all the tweets.?Having?this in mind,?it’s?advisable?to post?the?links close?at?the beginning?as it?further?promotes?interactions.

Other Parameters to check include:

  • Links?related to?solution seeking content
  • Posting relevant links

Use of Practical/ Prompt Commands

It’s recommendable?to incorporate call-to-action terms such as “sign up now”, “download” and “free trial”?as they?will definitely attract?more traffic?towards the content.

Eye-catching Posts and Picture

It is also important to?emphasize the need to select the best?photos?for?the?tweets?to be posted.?Attention-grabbing?images?should give a good hint on the subject matter which?results?in increased engagement.

Use Direct Messaging to your Advantage

To motivate interaction?especially?between?marketers?and clients,?it is crucial?to utilize?Direct?Message?(DM)?for?feedback.?This?is?a quick way to assess the pros and cons of?the?post or brand.Notably, efforts geared towards customer satisfaction will be rewarded higher engagement rate.

Share your Tweets and Request for Retweets

It’s prudent to ‘spread’ the tweets?among users to increase the engagement rate.?Well, the retweeting bit becomes a challenge especially for large companies or groups- due to overwhelming engagement- but it should be understood that the?more the number of retweets?the?higher the rate.

Be Real

There’s a reason why Twitter is one of the largest social platform – encompasses interaction of humans online- hence the need for a realistic approach.?It’s on this basis that people are encouraged to?reach out?to?the audience?on?a level ground.

This may involve gestures such as making jokes or sending memes to just cheer up the users and make the engagement as social as possible.?It’s worthwhile to mention that?most?people?lose followers due to?superfluous personality’s?that?don’t?clearly spell?out their profile.

Make Use of Trendy Hashtags

Twitter users are?also advised?to use relevant hashtags that?keep everyone talking.?Furthermore, creative hashtags?aid in directing more?audience?to the post?thanks to the ‘hype’ surrounding them.

Identify the Peak Hours

It may sound like a tall order but it’s essential for?users?to establish the “on” and “off” peak of their clientele. This marketing strategy will?assist?in?keeping track of periods with more views so as to bring more people onboard.

You may opt to choose one or more tricks that suit?you best, but it’s for sure you tweeter engagement will increase drastically.

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